01.Feb .2022 10:00

Cabinet Session, Chaired By PM, Discusses 9 Issues

Cabinet Session, Chaired By PM, Discusses 9 Issues
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Cabinet session, chaired by Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili at the Government Administration, discussed 9 issues on its meeting agenda.

To strengthen the defense capabilities of Georgia's Armed Forces, and improve anti-amor capacities, the Government is working on procuring an additional supply of Javelin man-portable anti-tank missiles. In 2021, the Department of State made a decision on a possible foreign military sale of 30 million USDs' worth of additional Javelin missiles to Georgia. The Defense Ministry-in order to carry out this transaction of national and public importance expeditiously-will employ simplified procurement to acquire new Javelin man-portable anti-tank systems under the relevant agreement between the Governments of the two countries.

Given the priorities of the Defense Ministry, it has been decided that the financing to this end, amounting to 26,246,866 USD, will be covered with the amount allocated by the US and, in line with the agreement between the Governments of the United States and Georgia, with sums transferred from Georgia's state budget.

The Cabinet meeting also discussed proposed amendments to the Law of Georgia on Medicines and Pharmaceutical Activities. According to these amendments, importing pharmaceutical products to Georgia will require a certificate confirming production in line with GMP (good manufacturing practices) standards. Before March of 2022, the Government of Georgia will present mandatory stages and terms for producing said certificate.

These amendments are designed to ensure equal approaches to pharmaceuticals manufacturers, wholesalers, and importers. The Government will endorse the bill to the Parliament with a request for an expedited review.