15.Mar .2020 14:33

Carrefour: The product will be on the shelves with the prices same as before

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The product will be on the shelves with the prices same as before – reads the statement released by “Carrefour”.

„We would like to address our customers and ask them not to be agitated as there is no danger of running out of stock or the price increase. The lack of the specific product on the shelves due to the high demand on them from the customer side is refilled in the shortest possible time.

We have quite a big stock of products from the local suppliers as well as imported, which is enough for several months. The product will be on the shelves with the prices same as before. Thus, the customers have no reason for the high demand.

Additionally, we would like to mention that all Carrefour branches continue operation in a busier, but usual stable mode.

Wellbeing and safety of our employees and customers is the number one priority for the company. We are carrying out different preventive measures to ensure the food safety and risk prevention. The stores are cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis and in line with food safety requirements.

We also follow all recommendations of the government and international organizations. We check temperature of each employee before entering the stores or the HO office premises.

According to the internal regulations of the company, all employees recently back from travel undergo 2 weeks quarantine period before returning to the workplace. We regularly disinfect the trolleys, baskets and all other surfaces. For your peace of mind we take additional measures on a daily basis, in order to ensure hygiene and safe environment for our employees, as well as our customers. Finally, we would like to use the chance and thank each of our employee for their dedication and hard work”, - Carrefour`s management said.