11.Mar .2020 17:52

CARU Enters the Ukrainian Market - How does the Georgian Startup Operate Overseas?


CARU's innovative car care platform, which offers auto-assisted service to customers, has entered the Ukrainian market. Nika Abashidze, the founder of CARU, talked to BM.GE.

As Nika Abashidze explains, the existing business model has been transmitted to Ukraine, hence the startup will be presented abroad as standard, and the service will be provided by two Georgian and Ukrainian employees.

“We managed to enter the Ukrainian market with ease, we sent two employees who signed contracts with service providers. Now we are going through the market validation process and then we are going to grow fast”, says the founder of CARU.

As Nika Abashidze explains, due to the concept of CARU, it was convenient to integrate abroad, so the first orders were already made in Ukraine.

As for the local market, Nika Abashidze explains that demand for services is growing. He also spoke of some “Black PR attempts”, but noted that CARU is growing rapidly.

To not, company CARU started operating from August 1, 2018.