23.Mar .2023 14:00

CH Group To Build A Residential Complex

CH Group To Build A Residential Complex
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Development company CH Group will build 11-story business-class residential complex, "Your House In Natakhtri Street" in cooperation with Basisbank.

The total cost of the project is USD 6 million. The investment made by the bank amounts to GEL 4.3 million.

Construction includes 1780 square m multi-apartment residential complex with underground parking, as well as commercial and office spaces. The complex will provide a 24-hour concierge service and green landscaping. The residential complex offers beautiful views of the city and the funicular.

The business-class residential building will be completed in May 2023, and those wishing to purchase an apartment can take advantage of a simplified mortgage loan from Basisbank. The user can fill out the application online.

"We are glad that in partnership with Basisbank, we are building a multi-functional complex, which is distinguished by high reliability and we offer our residents a safe living environment built with the highest quality and environmentally friendly materials", - Director of CH Group, Mr. Vakhtang Maglakelidze said.