20.Apr .2021 19:30

Charles Michel: "Reforms are what Georgia needs"

Charles Michel: "Reforms are what Georgia needs"
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European Council President Charles Michel said at a joint news conference after meeting with Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili that Georgia and its people now need reforms for a better future.
He expressed his respect for the political parties and thanked them for their participation in the mediation process and for reaching an agreement reached.

"I am glad to be here again 6 weeks after my first visit to Georgia. It is a pleasure to be here and to meet with political leaders who will work together in an inclusive parliament. Thank you, Mr. Prime Minister, for the close communication in recent weeks, for your visit to Brussels and for your courage, for your political choices, and for your vision for the future of this country.
I also express my respect for the opposition politicians for their loyalty to their political interests. This is not a weakness, this is a strength, and this is a reasonable approach that was needed at this point. We must seize this moment to work together in Parliament for a better future. Reforms are what Georgia needs, which will ensure a better future for your people, to pave the way for deeper cooperation between the EU and Georgia," Charles Michel said.