14.Sep .2020 17:32

Checkpoints were set up near Akhmeta, Chokhatauri and Gori due to Covid-19


According to the head of the government administration, Natia Mezvrishvili, the government's Coordination Council has decided to set up checkpoints near the villages of Matani, Zodi, Chkhakaura and Kitsnisi.

According to Natia Mezvrishvili, studies in the listed villages will continue online until October 1.

"Checkpoints were set up near the village of Matani in Akhmeta Municipality, near the villages of Zodi and Chkhakaura in Chokhatauri Municipality, and in the village of Kitsani in Gori Municipality. In these municipalities all individuals willing to enter/exit the area will be subject to testing and thermoscreening. In addition, in listed villages of these municipalities, distance learning will continue until October 1”, -said Natia Mezvrishvili.