14.Feb .2020 17:00

Chikori's Export Increased by 20% in 2019

Chikori's Export Increased by 20% in 2019
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Export of Georgian dried fruit company Chikori has been increased by 20%, - Ana Soselia, export manager of company Karelis Khili has declared BM.GE.

According to her, export occupies 40% of product sales and they sell 15 types of their products abroad.

“2019 was a particularly exciting year for us as we entered Liettua’s supermarket chain Lidl, which was a great achievement for the company. As you know, this is one of the biggest supermarket chain in Europe, which gives us the opportunity to negotiate with other countries in the Lidl chain.

We are currently exporting to the following countries: Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Liettua, Poland, Japan, Ukraine, Russia,” says the company's export manager.

As for Georgia, according to Anna Soselia, "Chikori" can be bought in Goodwill, Nikora, Spar, Europroduct and Carrefour. At this stage negotiations are being held with LeaderFood and Zgapari.

To remind, Chikori starts production of bioproducts from September-October of this year.