22.Jan .2021 14:00

Children’s Clothing Brand Leaderkids to be sold on Amazon

Children’s Clothing Brand Leaderkids to be sold on Amazon
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Products of Children's clothing brand Leaderkids produced in Gori will be sold on the British Amazon - Nino Giorgadze, the founder of Leaderskid told BM.GE.

According to her, negotiations are at the final stage and products of Leaderkids will be sold on the online platform from spring.

" With the support of EPRC, we are currently at the final stage of negotiations and we plan to send the products to the British Amazon. Initially, a few hundred - test batches will be shipped and sales are expected to start in the spring. After that we will work according to the demand. I think that the demand for our product in this direction will be quite high", said Nino Giorgadze.

According to the woman entrepreneur, they started to think about the export after the courses taken on export within the frame of Enterprise Georgia and with the support of EPRC. Today, they are preparing to participate in the international children's exhibition Play Time.

"While participating in Play Time, we buy a digital trading space with the support of Enterprise Georgia, where our products will be placed for a year. Through the online platform, we will talk about the offers of potential buyers and introduce our product to them," - said the founder of Leaderkids.

Nino Giorgadze hopes that children's clothes of Leaderkids will be exported to several countries in two years.

"According to our calculations, sales will increase by 10% -15% every year, which will allow us to use our full sewing capacity. However, it is too early to talk about when we will be able to produce 45,000 pieces of cloths,” said the founder of BM.GE sewing.