29.Dec .2020 10:30

“Chirina” Closes Its Branch in Azerbaijan

“Chirina” Closes Its Branch in Azerbaijan
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"We have opened a branch in Azerbaijan, but we will probably close it in January because of the sharp, negative changes due to the virus," Revaz Vashakidze, the founder of Chirina, told Business Morning.
As he noted, operating a company in the Azerbaijani market today is inefficient.
"The restaurant business has also closed in Azerbaijan. People no longer spend money in shops. Every country is trying to block the import of products and stay at the expense of its own production," Vashakidze said.
According to the founder of "Chirina", the government should support Georgian companies outside the country. "If the state does not lobby for Georgian products, investing in agencies like "Enterprise Georgia" will be a waste of money. We can produce products, but we can not sell them. " - Revaz Vashakidze explained.