13.Oct .2020 17:15

City Within the City – Dominique Romano’s Plans for New Investment in Georgia

City Within the City – Dominique Romano’s Plans for New Investment in Georgia
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I bought a Historical Cinema Pavilion in Tbilisi on Agmashenebeli Street, a huge place – Dominique Romano, a serial entrepreneur and an investor, an adviser for multiple tech start-ups in Israel and France told The Checkpoints in an exclusive interview, conducted by Elene Kvanchilashvili.
The project is still in a planning stage, so details are not fully available at this point. But the French investor understands that this is the place with history, which can be wisely used for marketing means.
“It was the first cinema studio in your country – Dominique Romano tells The Checkpoints – and I am very happy to have a historical building that I will respect, and I will use the history of the building”.
What Romano knows is that he will keep the historical building, probably open a fancy restaurant, there will be a space for conventions, a hotel, a co-working space, and some residential blocks. “It will be kind of a small town in the middle of the town, which of course is a very interesting project, and I think it will be famous worldwide if we do something original” – says the investor.
Dominique Romano is the founder of GUIBOR holding company, which specializes in brokerage services as well as mergers and acquisitions. Real estate makes up a significant part of his investment portfolio together with equity investments in start-ups.
Dominique Romano has been investing in Georgia since 2018 – mainly in the hospitality and real estate sectors. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, he is motivated to grow his portfolio in the country and he overcame many difficulties to travel to Georgia to visit the locations of two new investments. One relating to the old cinema building in Tbilisi and the other in Kutaisi near the international airport.
This time Dominique Romano says he wants “something disruptive”, and “so, I’m looking for ideas” – he adds.