01.Nov .2020 16:30

Clear Communication With Investors Needed – EBA

Clear Communication With Investors Needed – EBA
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I think there should be really clear communication from the government, from the parliament and from the country about the investment conditions for investors – this is what the Vice-President of the EBA Irina Sak told The Checkpoints while commenting on the agenda that business community and citizens might have for the new parliament after the elections.
“What investors in any part of the world hate the most is when they expect the new government and they expect that there will come the new regulation that will cancel the old one – Sak said – So, the consistency and the open mind for investors is a key”.
According to the Vice-President of the EBA, many countries have had no parliament for a while and the economy has still grown. “Belgium, for example – Sak elaborated further - They didn’t have a government for more than a year and the economy was up because most of the businesses understood that it was a perfect period when they could focus on business without expecting any interruptions with the new law”.
Irina Sak believes that the best the new government or coalition or parliament can focus on is to develop the country.