21.Feb .2020 16:55

"Clinics are not able to assure us" – what the Minister’s plans are related to Resolution 520

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According to Health Minister Ekaterine Tikaradze, clinics cannot assure the Ministry that cardiac surgery and resuscitation cannot work with the new tariffs enacted by Resolution 520.

Bm.ge asked the Minister several questions about Resolution 520.

- Representatives of the clinics say that although several meetings of the General Health Council have been held, there are no real results. Can you name some deadlines for clinics when they will know the final answer, if any change takes place in Resolution 520?

- Regarding Resolution 520, I reiterate that the Ministry must have sufficient reason to make certain changes. Any planned changes, as well as Resolution 520 are based on certain studies. The codes provided by clinics ranged from 4% to 6% of previous interventions generally. Consequently, this is not a sufficient basis for us ... In addition, the information on tariff, pricing and standardization provided by them is also not a sufficient basis for us to make this decision.

- So far, the clinics can't convince you that they are not able to work with the new rates?

- Yes, they can’t.

- What do you need to believe?

- We need more evidence because we have to make a decision on spending the state budget and that is a big responsibility.