05.Nov .2020 10:15

Clinics demand delay of new regulations - Ministry of Health refuses

Clinics demand delay of new regulations - Ministry of Health refuses
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New regulations will come into force for the hospital sector from January 1, 2021. Based on the relevant government decree, the facilities will have to bring their infrastructure and devices in line with the new standards.

According to the clinics, those requirements demand a substantial investment. Taking a new financial commitment amid pandemic is difficult, so they are asking the government to delay new regulations until January 1, 2022.

The director general of Khechinashvili Clinic explains that the regulation mainly concerns to the hospital infrastructure change, but now clinics operate amid pandemic, it will be difficult for many hospitals to meet the new requirements.

"It is physically impossible to fulfill this regulation, then all the spaces must be emptied. We do not have such resources and ask for a postponement of the regulation as there is force majeure in the country. Arranging a ventilation system alone requires at least 100,000 GEL. This regulation includes the arrangement of the reception, bathrooms, med wards and ventilation system. All this requires high-tech maintenance,” said Maia Makharashvili, General Director of Khechinashvili Clinic.

As it turned out, the Ministry of Health does not change its position and they do not plan to take into account the arguments of the clinics. According to the ministry, they do not consider delay of regulations for a year.