04.Feb .2020 18:23

Company Airzena suspended flights in several directions

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Airzena has suspended flights to several destinations, General Manager Roman Bokeria told bm.ge.

According to him, flights were suspended to Barcelona, Bologna, Berlin, Prague, London, while the air company still makes flights to Amsterdam, Paris and Tel Aviv.

As Bokeria explains, the reason for this decision is the financial loss caused by the ban on Russian flights, which reaches up to US $ 26 million, as well as the fact that competing airlines Wizzair and Rainier are state-funded and the Georgian air company cannot compete with them.

"Since 2016, the government has been funding these airlines, creating a non-competitive, unfair environment. We are losing out to international airlines because they have begun to fly to our destinations. There were promises, talks, but nothing changed so far. The situation has hit us hard", - he said.