10.Feb .2020 12:00

Company HotelFriend offers convenient eComerce platform to Georgian Touroperators

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Company HotelFriend offers convenient eComerce platform to Georgian touroperators. According to the company, it can be extremely hard for non-EU tour operators to enter the European market due to strict legal requirements. HotelFriend has launched a new convenient, easy to manage, cleverly designed platform to sell tours in full compliance with current EU legislation.

Despite the tough industry competition, even a small travel agency can reach its target audience thanks to HotelFriend SEO and marketing efforts.

The company notes that good results can be achieved with minimum investment.

The cooperation model is commission-based: HotelFriend gets a reward only if our partner makes a sale.

The company is happy to create tools that make it easier for people to quickly find, book and pay an optimal price for their dream holiday, and for the hospitality providers - attractively present and sell their products to as many clients as possible.

The company advises tour operators to provide comprehensive data about a tour and in this case, the higher the possibility it will be purchased. With Tours Marketplace CMS , operators can create standardized detailed descriptions by choosing tour parameters from a ready menu, and fill customizable fields with their own content - texts and photos.

As for the security, the company guarantees data protection in the system for both the client and the tour operator. It should be noted, that payments are processed according to the latest security standards.