24.Dec .2019 12:06

Company Sakartvelos Taiguli Launched Tea Sales on the Georgian Market

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LLC Sakartvelos Taiguli launched tea sales on the Georgian market from November.

According to Ilia Basilashvili, director of the company, they have already sold products of 100 000 GEL by that time. Their products are already presented in the supermarkets (Goodwill, SPAR), as well as hotels and restaurants. Sakartvelos Taiguli produces 5 varieties of tea - black, green, blackberry, blueberry and pitcher.

As the director of the company notes, the tea processing plant seasonally employees 12 persons, while the number of beneficiary tea-pickers amounts to over 500.

“The plant equipped with the modern technology can process 4 tons of raw materials a day. The matter concerns to the high quality. We do not have such a volume of raw material, so we process what a quality of leaf is supplied to us. We may receive 2-1.5 tonnes of tea per month, it declines for the following months and drops to around 400-300 kg,”Ilia Basilashvili told BM.GE.