19.Jan .2022 16:30

Confectionery “Sugar Free” Offers Customers Sugar-Free Products

Confectionery “Sugar Free” Offers Customers Sugar-Free Products
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Confectionery Sugar Free, located in Kazbegi Street 30, offers customers sugar-free, healthy sweets.

Confectionery Sugar Free plans to expand its range in the near future and will add jams, peanut butter, ice-cream and soft drinks to its production.

Rusa Kvantaliani, the founder of Sugar Free told bm.ge that the demand for their sweets is very high, which is clear by the growing number of consumers.

"Our confectionery has a great choice for people who like sugar-free products, as well as for those who are vegan. In the future, in addition to confectionery, we will start producing various products.

The demand for our sugar-free sweets is very high, and most of all we are glad that the customer who comes once return back again. We consider to open additional shops for the future,” said Rusa Kvantaliani.