13.Sep .2020 19:37

Construction-Design Company Chemi Sakhli: “Demand for Detached Houses Increased during Pandemic”

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“During the pandemic, people became more and more eager to own detached houses and yard where they would feel safe," Giorgi Tatishvili, Director of the Construction and Design Company Chemi Sakhli, -told BM.GE.

Presently, the company has 14 ongoing detached house projects. For comparison, this figure averaged 5 in the same period last year.

It was the growing demand for stand-alone houses and ready-made projects that has laid the foundation for the company's new platform, www.p1000.ge. “This pandemic has shown us that it is possible to provide good service to customers remotely. Therefore, we must continue our activities by adapting to all the conditions. The platform www.p1000.ge allows users to search for or create an individual project tailored to it and, if desired, to follow the construction process online, from anywhere in the world. We had a similar experience in the case of emigrants, which was quite comfortable for them, and this made us decide to introduce this practice,” said Tatishvili.

According to Tatishvili, the demand and interest in stand-alone houses is big not only from local consumers, but also from abroad. "Even during the pandemic, activity was high from Greece, Italy, Israel and the United States. For example, 2 out of 14 ongoing projects are by order of emigrants. "

The most popular locations for building stand-alone houses are in the suburbs of Tbilisi, a 20-30 minute drive from the city. "The demand is also conditioned by competitive and customer-friendly prices. The average cost of 100 sq.m of white frame is 80,000 GEL, while you cannot buy 40 square meters of white frame in the apartment at the same price,” said the Director of Chemi Sakhli.

“The many years of experience, both in construction and design, have shown us that more and more people want to live outside the city every day, to be away from noise, in a clean and healthy environment. Therefore, we believe that our activities will become even more demanding and promising in 1-2 years,"-said Giorgi Tatishvili.