06.Nov .2019 14:06

Construction of Flower Pavilion, Cost of 1 285 000 GEL, is completed in Orbeliani Square

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Construction works of flower pavilion are finished in Orbeliani Square, which has been rehabilitated within the project frame of Akhali Tfilisi.
As Tbilisi Development Fund has declared to BM.GE, cost of the project amounts to 1 285 000 GEL. The sum has been allocated from the budget of Tbilisi City Hall.
Company Anagi has carried out construction works of flower pavilion. Works started in June and completed within 5 months.
Three new flower pavilions were added to Tbilisi within the project frame of Akhali Tbilisi and as a result, over 90 self-employed florists will be able to continue their activity for free. Children playground has been arranged in Orbeliani Square within the project frame.