06.May .2020 18:23

Construction of Khashuri Bypass Actively Continues – Roads Department of Georgia


Construction of Khashuri bypass road, within Zemo Osiauri-Chumateleti project, a part of E60 East-West Highway is actively progressing.

This year, a 13km four-lane cement-concrete bypass highway will be opened in Khashuri. It should be noted that the works are carried out in compliance with the special recommendations developed by the Ministry of Health (MOH) under the direction of the Interagency Council established by the Prime Minister to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. Compliance of recommendations and work safety measures periodically is monitored by representatives of the Roads Department.

For the time being, works are ongoing at 1,9 km long section of the second lot. 420 m long is being constructed at this section, which is distinguished by the highest piers in Georgia.

At this stage, the selection-evaluation of submitted bid proposals for the construction of the remaining 6.4 km long second section of Zemo Osiauri-Chumateleti road is underlay.

A new road will start at the last section of Agara-Zemo Osiauri road and will connect to the existed road at the new interchange of Surami. Khashuri bypass is the part of Zemo Osiauri-Chumateleti road. After completion of both lots, the road will reach Rikoti Pass. The mentioned road will allow bypassing Khashuri, Surami, Chumateleti from the north and go out at the Rikoti tunnel. Within the project, a four-lane cement-concrete road, 21 bridges, 5 tunnels, reinforced-concrete underpasses, culverts, and drainage systems will be constructed.

Zemo Osiauri-Chumateleti section is the part of the country's main transit highway. An operation of this section will boost the capacity of the highway, increase the level of road safety, and reduce travel time. The project will reduce shipping costs and contribute to increased tran