01.Nov .2019 15:31

Construction of "Wine Village" in Kvareli be Started in 2020

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A new platform and a tourist-active zone - the “Wine Village” has appeared on the market for wine-loving businessmen. As Giorgi Begadze, adviser of Project Implementing Company 7S has declared to BM.GE, the project will be arranged in Kakheti, namely in Kvareli, with a total cost of 76,000 USD equivalent in GEL. 
The idea of the project is that the company offers special land area for growing vineyard and build a cottage in Kvareli to the interested persons in wine-making. 

The “Wine Village” road, communications and infrastructure will be set up from November of this year and as a result, reservations of 20 land areas will be completed by winter. However, the construction will begin in spring of 2020. The number of 20 cottages might be increased up to 50 in the future.

“Individuals order desired projects with us and we fulfill them through our construction companies. Business pays money via the bank and buys our service. Business can get profit after a few years. 76,000 USD includes home value, white frame, wine cellar, vineyard, land area and the necessary infrastructure. We get financial benefits during the construction and arranging the infrastructure.

Although the businessman creates the desired concept, we have our own terms and conditions. For example, anyone who is involved in this project is required to build a vineyard at 400 square meters. They must grow Saperavi, Rkatsiteli or other grape varieties. Also, we have a demand that the houses should not be large. We offer 4 types of cottage projects, but they can adjust the project with their own taste. The house must be white in color and covered with Georgian brick.

The goal of the project is that everyone should have a house in Kakheti, where they will have the opportunity to create own heirloom vineyards", Begadze said.