02.Nov .2021 15:30

Consulting Company MTBS Updates Research On The Potential Of Anaklia Port

Consulting Company MTBS Updates Research On The Potential Of Anaklia Port
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Consulting company MTBS has conducted a new study on the potential of the Anaklia deep-water port at the request of the Government of Georgian, but as it turns out, this study is confidential and the state will not make its results public.

Late last year, Economy Minister Natia Turnava declared that Georgian government needed to update the economic feasibility study for the Anaklia Port project before finding new investors. In May, the government hired international consulting company Maritime & Transport Business Solutions (MTBS) to prepare the documents, while on June 1, the document was given the status of confidential information.

On October 18, 2021, the Minister of Economy Natia Turnava said that in order to attract a new investor in the project, "the participation of the government in the project should be more significant”.

"A few months ago, we invited international consultants - the company MTBS, which is known for various reliable studies in maritime and port infrastructure. They have updated this project and the investment offer for us, where government participation can be more significant and make the project more attractive," Natia Turnava said.

Economy Minister explains that the government sees its perspective, especially after the post-Covid period.

“Situation is gradually reviving and despite the pandemic, transit of cargo through Georgia has not decreased. Moreover, it is grown in a number of directions. This is still a very attractive sector”, Natia Turnava explained.