28.Sep .2020 15:49

“Contact with business has weakened a bit", Papashvili’s advice to Gakharia

“Contact with business has weakened a bit", Papashvili’s advice to Gakharia
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Businessman Lasha Papashvili is satisfied with the work of Giorgi Gakharia's government during the COVID-19 pandemic, but he thinks that "contact with business has weakened a bit."

As Papashvili noted in an interview with bm.ge, proper management of the crisis is the merit of the Prime Minister.

"Giorgi Gakharia’s policy related to the fighting COVID-19 is justified. As for the advice, the main thing I would recommend to restore contact with business, as it has weakened a bit. More communication is needed. The business community is diverse. You cannot take everyone's advice or opinion, but if you listen, some thoughts will be formed and respectively changed.

I make decisions in the Redix Group, but I listen to the board of directors, their opinions, and it often makes irreplaceable decisions; Thus, communication with business is important. It clear that weekly meetings cannot be held, but if monthly meetings are held, it will be good”, the businessman said, adding that frequent meetings were not necessary in recent months because of the pessimistic background in the country.

"When the government sees a light at the end of the tunnel, it should resume business meetings," said the founder of Redix Group.