19.Oct .2020 16:45

Coronavirus: German Minister Warns Against New Wave of Panic-Buying


Buyers should 'shop like they normally do.'

Many German users have been posting photos of shelves empty of toilet paper on social media — one consumer product that saw severe shortages in the spring - DW reports. 
Klöckner added the spring lockdown experience had proven that economies could ride out a pandemic, that consumers could trust that policymakers and business leaders to manage the crisis responsibly. 
In particular, she pointed out that EU commitment to not impose border closures again provided more confidence about commerce flow within the bloc. As such, worries that worsening outbreaks would cause bottlenecks in consumer goods' supply chain were unfounded, Klöckner said.  
The Agriculture Minister, said: "if everyone shops like they normally do, we won't have to face the prospect of empty shelves."