17.Jan .2022 14:00

COVID-Related Quarantine and Isolation Periods Change In Georgia Today

COVID-Related Quarantine and Isolation Periods Change In Georgia Today
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COVID-related isolation and quarantine periods are reduced from today. As Deputy Health Minister Gabunia said last week, new recommendations were issued on the reduction of the isolation-quarantine periods.

The timing for quarantine and isolation is as follows:

Asymptomatic-mild cases - it will be 8 days, in addition, at least 24 hours should be passed after the disappearance of the symptoms; wearing a mask for the next 5 days after isolation is strongly recommended.

For moderate and severe cases, the terms is at least 10 days, there should be the dynamics of sharp improvement within the last 24 hours, and here, too, the next 5 days after the end of isolation it is strictly mandatory to wear a mask.

As for the contacts, the terms are reduced and eased here as well. If contact is vaccinated, including persons with booster vaccination and persons who have administered only the first two doses, within 2 weeks-90 days after receiving these doses, a quarantine period will be lifted. That is, they do not need quarantine And also, 60 days after being infected with COVID, individuals, under the strict recommendation of using the mask, can no longer be quarantined 10 days after contact.

As for unvaccinated persons, it still remains a recommendation to stay in quarantine for 8 days after contact and to use a mask for a period of 9-12 days.