21.Jun .2021 10:00

Curfew Might Be Lifted In June - Tengiz Tsertsvadze

Curfew Might Be Lifted In June - Tengiz Tsertsvadze
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Tengiz Tsertsvadze, Director of Tbilisi Hospital of Infectious Diseases declares that lifting of curfew is considered in June.

According to Tsertsvadze, the government and the Ministry of Health have taken into account the mood of the population, who is tired of restrictions, which is accompanied by the economic recession and reduction of revenues.

“Basically, people miss a normal life, sports and cultural events, meeting friends, so the restrictions are reduced. Short curfew is the only restriction at this stage and its lifting is being considered. Lifting of the curfew is expected this month if epidemiological dynamics allow us. If coronavirus cases grow, we will not be able to lift it. I hope this downward trend will continue and the curfew will be lifted," - Tengiz Tsertsvadze said.