31.Mar .2020 18:11

Currency exchange booths temporary closes – Customer can exchange money in the MFO and Banks


Starting today currency exchange booths and other monetary organizations have temporarily stopped functioning today in Georgia with an aim towards reducing the spread of the coronavirus in the country, announces the National Bank of Georgia (NBG). Customer can exchange money in the MFO and Banks.

In addition to exchange booths, the following kinds of organisations will also close: Loan-issuing organizations, Credit unions, Payment service providers, Independent registers of the securities, Brokerage companies, Asset management companies, Stock exchanges, Founders of non-state pension schemes, Credit information bureaus.

The NBG recommends all these organisations work remotely.

Meanwhile, the following organisations will remain open for now in addition to offering online services: Commercial banks, Payment system operators, Micro-financing organizations, Payment service providers and agents providing payment services through ATMs and POS terminals.

The NBG says that even under these restrictions, the citizens of Georgia are able to receive financial services continuously.