16.Mar .2020 17:35

Customers of Lilo Mall is Reduced by 30% due to Coronavirus


Consumer activity has fallen by 30% at Lilo Mall over the past week. Levan Gagua, president of Lilo Mall has told BM.GE.

He notes that they are expecting that the Georgian government will declare a state of emergency in the country this week and the management of the shopping center would act in line with the development of processes.

“We are expecting and perhaps this week the state will declare a state of emergency. If there is no trade, of course, we will not pay entrepreneurs a lease fee, ”Gagua said.

It is noteworthy that traders at the Tergi market on Station Square demand a two-week market closure and a temporary tax halt to prevent coronavirus. According to them, most of the traders continue to work because they have lease payments.