14.Jan .2020 18:32

"Dark skin people are not allowed in the country", Representative of TRAFFIC TRAVEL GEORGIA

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Decline of tourists traffic from the United Arab Emirates is likely to be linked to the xenophobic attitude of the customs officers, Tsotne Japaridze, representative of TRAFFIC TRAVEL GEORGIA declared to TV-program Business Course.

According to him, "the tourism sector from the UAE has been improved in the recent years, but the statistics have been deteriorated in 2019-2020."

“Unfortunately, in 2019 there was a 15% decline in visitors from the Emirates. In my opinion, this is probably due to the xenophobic attitude of our customs officers, when they don’t allow dark skin people even guess have two-way tickets, as well as full tourist services package of hotels and everything they may need to see the country. However, they are turned away from the border without any explanation. The Ministry of Internal Affairs is not responsible for this and they say that it is about security. What security can be talked about and how could the Indus pose a threat to the country when these people are most the peaceful and hardworking”, Tsapne Japaridze said.