03.Jan .2020 18:16

Davit Saganelidze: the Partnership Fund has been opposed transfer of clinics from the very beginning

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In 2015, the Georgian government donated to the Partnership Fund three large clinics located in Tbilisi, namely the Republican Hospital, the Children's Infectious Disease Clinic, and the National Oncology Center. Today these clinics are returned back to the Georgian government.

According to Executive Director of Partnership Fund David Saganelidze, the Fund has been opposed the transfer of clinics from the very beginning.

“It was before my arrival to the Fund. The fund objected that no transfer would be made until the investor issue was resolved. The fund does not manage clinics. The Fund does not have the potential and human resources to manage healthcare companies. It was then decided that in 2016 the investor would come in. One of the Austrian companies, the Partnership Fund, as a state-owned company would have to partner with this foreign investor. However, unfortunately, the Ministry of Health did not approve of the contract and the project. I must say that for almost three years these clinics have been managed by the Partnership Fund. It was quite difficult for us. We did our best to find an investor for these clinics, and we even saw an investor who was planning to invest $ 50 million in a Republican hospital. After the renovation and equipping of this clinic, plans were made to move to the infirmary, and a rehabilitation center was planned on the basis of oncology and pediatric infections. However, the leadership of today's Ministry of Health presented a very interesting vision. The ongoing healthcare reform, I hope, it will be successful in bringing these clinics into place as basic clinics in the public health system”, Saganelidze said.