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Decisions Should Not Be Taken by A Single Party – Distributors Association

Decisions Should Not Be Taken by A Single Party – Distributors Association
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Any government or any party for that matter which has the ambition to form a government must be much more oriented on results and on the future – This is what Iva Chkonia, President of Distributors Association bureaucratic told Forbes Week while commenting on the agenda that the business community and citizens might have for the new parliament after the elections.
According to Chkonia, focusing on the past brings negative results, like the investments that are very low today also due to the courts which are not functioning efficiently when it comes to especially business disputes. “The first barrier to investments is exactly this – Chkonia said citing Lari volatility as the second major challenge to doing business in Georgia.
“The main goal for the future ruling party is to stabilize Lari; trim bureaucratic expenses in the budget; ensure more transparency of public funds; carry out more infrastructural projects and fewer subsidies” – Chkonia said.
According to the Head of the Distributors Association, the next parliament should be multiparty and the decisions should not be taken unanimously by the single party. “I think it is time for us to change our culture. A coalition government would be very interesting” – Chkonia said, adding that business always stands by the state contributing to the budget via taxes and that’s why, to Chkonia, these funds should be monitored by the government. “Business should have its representative in the government - not appointed by the government but presented by the business community itself” – Chkonia added.