14.May .2020 11:23

Definite officials sometimes put up great resistance to us - Lasha Papashvili


Lasha Papashvili, a businessman and vice president of the Georgian Business Association, believes that the association works effectively as a business platform. On the question, how much the union manages to protect the interests of business before the government, Lasha Papashvili responds that they are “more or less able to do it”.

"The platform of Business Association is very important, we have grown a lot. Practically 80% of big businesses are involved in these assets and more or less we manage to use this platform, but specific officials sometimes put up a lot of resistance to us.

We do not have demand on the flexibility of the code. We ask officials to be smart, as we cannot adopt decisions merely relaying on the code. You must look into the case well, analyze and take wise decisions. If your efforts are not enough, you must invite experts of the sector. It is their obligation determined by the law, but often they do not do that”, Lasha Papashvili, president of BAG declares.