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Demand For Mopeds Might Be Down - Moped.ge

Demand For Mopeds Might Be Down - Moped.ge
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Registration of mopeds and ATVs will become mandatory from March 1, 2022, therefore moped drivers will no longer be able to drive in the city without a driver's license.

Under current law, moped is not a mechanical vehicle and can be driven without a driver's license.

According to the changes, the moped will be included in the definition of mechanical vehicles and the same regulations will apply to it as to other types of vehicles.

A person will need to get a new "AM" category driving license, which is issued from the age of 16, and it can be obtained only by passing a theoretical test.

The changes are positively assessed by moped sellers, however, according to the director of Moped.ge, in the short term these changes may reduce demand for mopeds. However, Tornike Shergelashvili notes that demand for electric scooters will increase.

"Demand for mopeds may decrease for a period of time, 1 or 2 years, but the demand for electric scooters will increase. This change will be most sensitive for people who ride and work on a moped in the city all day. Similar regulations apply in many European countries. Moped drivers may find it difficult to keep up with the changes, but I think they have enough time to learn and get a driver's license. There will be changes, but critically it will not hit sales or demand, because the demand for two-wheeled transport is growing by almost 100% every year,"- said Tornike Shergelashvili, director of Moped.ge.