21.Apr .2022 14:00

Deputy Health Ministers Meet With Members Of Healthcare Association

Deputy Health Ministers Meet With Members Of Healthcare Association
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Deputy Ministers of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Labor, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia met with members of Healthcare Association. Tamar Gabunia and Ilia Ghudushauri together with representatives of private clinics dwelt upon challenges existing in hospital sector.

The participants of the meeting reflected on the topic of ending COVID pandemic status and getting back to pre-pandemic situation.

They discussed the topic of setting rates for various programs and services.

The Ministry together with representatives of medical sector is actively working for introduction of a new reimbursement system in the nearest future. It is planned to shift to DRG model, according to which amount of funding is defined by patient’s diagnosis, duration of hospitalization and other criteria. The system will allow automatic calculation of fair price that Ministry will pay for quality treatment of citizens.

Deputy Ministers noted, that decisions on joint issues with clinics will be made in such way that will not inflict hospital sector though the main priority will be maximal accessibility to healthcare services for the patients.