27.May .2022 11:00

Developing Production Without Energy Is Impossible – PMCG

Developing Production Without Energy Is Impossible – PMCG
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"If we want to develop production, it would be impossible without energy," Lekso Aleksishvili, the founder of PMCG, told TV-Program Business Morning.

He focused on three important aspects for economic development.

"A good economic environment is created with a good tax system, which I think is in Georgia. The second is the judiciary, on which we cannot boldly say that we have a good system. It is not reputable enough to boldly urge an investor to come here and make an investment. And the third issue is the infrastructure that should provide the environment. For example, if we want to develop a digital economy then we need to have access to satellite communication and so on. If we are talking about production to be developed, it is impossible without energy. That is why energy sector must be developed. The only resource we have is water. If we do not use this resource for generating the energy, then what are we going to use?!” said Lekso Aleksishvili.

According to him, economic development needs two things: people and capital, and if one of these is missed, the country must attract.

"We should attract smart people as much as possible, including Georgians who live abroad and create wealth there," he said.