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Does Business Feel At Ease? - Businessman's Answer

Does Business Feel At Ease? - Businessman's Answer
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"I'm proud that business feels at ease and our economy is growing steadily," said Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Gharibashvili. BM.GE asked Guga Tsanava, managing partner of Georgian Outlet and Resort Group, whether business representatives agree with the Prime Minister or not.

"I cannot voice the business community because I am not a representative of the Business Association. However, I can cite our example. My American colleague said directly at the project presentation, that what was done here, it would take 10 years in the USA to achieve.

We worked very hard and did some things in a hurry, but the procedural part, including getting licenses was not in our hands. It was all done in one year.

No one made any concessions and we did not need it either. However, such a big project includes so many components and all these have required urgency. In my opinion, there should be no problem, "Guga Tsanava said.