20.Nov .2019 15:39

Does the Ministry of Health Intend to Take Notes from the Clinics?

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The claims of the clinics are devoid of arguments, - said Deputy Minister of Health Tamar Gabunia. The deputy health minister responds to clinics demanding delay in health care reform and noting that the equalized rates offered by the state are low. Clinics declare that working with these rates will worsen the quality of medical services on the market. The parties are currently discussing the issue at the Health Committee today.

On the question, whether the Ministry of Health is going to meet the demands of the clinics and change the decision, the deputy replies:

“We are convinced that those tariffs will give opportunity to the clinics for quality service delivery. Consultations with clinicians are being held for discussing optimization opportunities jointly. Ministry's position is that the methodology is sound, valid and in line with international standards,”the deputy minister said.

On the question, who carried out a study that set equalized rates for clinics, the deputy minister said that Social Service Agency implemented the research. As for the clinics' claim, they declare that the exchange rate is not included in the newly calculated rates, whereas the deputy minister says that the currency rate is envisaged by the research .