13.Oct .2020 16:15

“Dr. Goods” Is Preparing for Export – the Company’s Plans

“Dr. Goods” Is Preparing for Export – the Company’s Plans
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"Dr. Goods" is the first Georgian medical textile company, which opened in September 2019 and offers the medical sector all kinds of surgical linen - covers, sheets, surgical braces, surgical coats, etc., products that are used for various medical manipulations.
As bm.ge was told in "Dr. Goods," the company will follow a pre-defined development plan: completing ISO and CE certification processes, opening a second enterprise, and exporting to EU countries.
"After completing ISO and CE certification processes, we will start exporting our products to Europe. In the beginning, we think of exporting products to Bulgaria, Romania, the Czech Republic, and Hungary. Demand for our products already exists in these countries, and negotiations with distributors are over. As for the UK, since the UK is no longer part of the EU after Brexit, our products will be exported to the UK for the first time without further regulation," said Mamuka Khaduri, managing partner at Dr. Goods.
According to Mamuka Khaduri, Georgian-made surgical linen is already successfully sold in Kazakhstan and through the US Embassy - in the United States.
During the pandemic, special demand arose in China as well. As for neighboring Turkey, Turkey especially protects local products, which is reflected in the high import tax on similar products. Therefore, it makes imported products uncompetitive. Therefore, exports to Turkey are not considered at this stage," Mamuka Khaduri explained.
Due to the Covid Pandemic, the company is in constant coordination with all government agencies that need personal protective equipment. Employees of the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Tourism Administration, and various municipalities are fully provided with products manufactured by Dr. Goods. The company is also actively working on the development of new products. It is planned to produce consumer-type medical consumables, available to customers in retail/pharmacy chains.