16.Mar .2020 17:04

Drunk Cherry: 3 Czech tourists have coronavirus

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Restaurant Drunk Cherry, locating in Gudauri, disseminates special statement on the official Facebook page. According to the statement, 3 Czech tourists are positive for the coronavirus. As the restaurant notes, those tourists were frequent guests of Drunk Cherry.

“To our dear costumers,

Today we got information from the Georgian disease control center that on the 4th of March in Gudauri 6 tourists from Czech Republic arrived.

They were visiting Drunk Cherry every day while being in Gudauri ... Today they found out that 3 of these tourist had the Corona Virus.

This means that we are closed from now on, and all our staff is in quarantine ...

If you were in Drunk Cherry after the 4th of March, please take care of yourself and of the people around you and ask for recommendations and help from the Medical center.

We are very sorry and we hope that all of you are feeling well,” reads the statement.