17.Feb .2020 23:26

EBRD reviewed the concept of Tbilisi Metro Project

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EBRD reviewed the concept of Tbilisi Metro Project. According to the document published on EBRD’s official website, provision of a sovereign loan is up to EUR 60 million to Georgia, expected to be co-financed by the EBRD and the Green Climate Fund (the "GCF"). The loan will be on-lent to the city of Tbilisi (the "city") for the benefit of the Tbilisi Transport Company Ltd (the "company"), a municipal company, which operates buses, the metro system and cable cars in Tbilisi.

According to the document, the investment will improve the reliability, safety and efficiency of public transport through the acquisition of approximately 40 modern metro cars (10 train sets) for the company to replace existing, outdated rolling stock.

The project is part of a broader programme aiming to assist the city in reforming its management of public transport by financing the renewal of bus and metro systems and network restructuring.

EBRD Finance Summary
EUR 50,000,000.00
€50 million sovereign loan to Georgia

Total Project Cost
EUR 60,000,000.00
The total project cost is €60 million.