04.Mar .2020 17:41

"Election year is easier for me "- Natakhtari Corporate Director

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“Election year is easier for me than other years”, Corporate Director of the company Natakhtari Nikoloz Khundzakishvili told BM.GE.

According to him, the company will continue to invest in the usual way this year, as new regulations are not implemented by the state during the election period.

"Election year is easier for me than other years as regulations are not adopted and tightened. So, this is a year for businesses that should be easier to invest, but businesses are reluctant to do so and that is wrong. Let's say the government has changed - will business change? Will there be another course? ... today I'm trying to invest in my business", says Nikoloz Khundzakishvili.

Natakhtari's Corporate Director gives recommendations to the private sector and says this year is the best for domestic investment.

"We have signed investment agreements of GEL 10 million over the last 3 years; this is the third time we will invest. If I wait for the elections, nothing will change for me, I am talking about domestic investment. I recommend that this is the best year in terms of investment. As for foreign investments, there is a slowdown, when we are waiting for the elections”, Nikoloz Khundzakishvili said.