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Electricity Consumption To Increase By 6% In 2022

Electricity Consumption To Increase By 6% In 2022
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The Ministry of Economy has approved the electricity forecast for 2022. According to a document published on the Herald, the Georgian government predicts a 5.8% increase in electricity consumption in the country this year. As the document shows, the growth should be mainly offset by the increase in imports.

In 2022, electricity consumption in Georgia should be 14.5 terawatt hours.

According to the report, electricity imports will increase by 19% in 2022 and will reach 2.38 terawatt hours. As a result, the share of imports in local consumption should be 16.5% (in 2021 it was 14.6%).

In 2022, electricity generation in Georgia should be distributed according to sources as follows:

● Hydropower plants - 10.6 terawatt hours (increase of 3.9%);
● Thermal power plants - 2.48 terawatt hours (increase of 4.2%);
● Imports - 2.38 terawatt hours (increase of 19%);
● Wind power plant - 85 million kilowatt hours (increase of 2%).
● Exports - 512 million kilowatt hours (increase of 30%);
● Total local consumption - 14.5 terawatt hours (increase of 5.8%).

According to the government forecast, the increase in electricity consumption should be mainly offset by imports this year.

The document approved by the Ministry of Economy does not show which countries will be the main electricity suppliers for Georgia this year.

As of 2021, imports were distributed by countries as follows:

● Imports from Russia (for the region of Abkhazia) - 992 million kilowatt hours, 49.7% of imports;
● Imports from Russia (for the rest of Georgia) - 253 million kilowatt hours, 12.4% of imports;
● Imports from Azerbaijan - 600 million kilowatt hours, 29.9% of imports;
● Imports from Turkey - 161 million kilowatt hours, 8% of imports.

In 2021, Georgia spent USD 47.6 million on electricity imports (excluding Russian electricity for Abkhazia).