05.Jan .2023 17:00

Energo-Pro Georgia's Revenue Exceeded GEL 1 BLN

Energo-Pro Georgia's Revenue Exceeded GEL 1 BLN
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According to the financial report published by "Energo-Pro Georgia Holding", which is the largest electricity supplier company in Georgia, the income of the group exceeded GEL 1 billion in 2021. "Energo Pro Holding" is responsible for the electricity supply of the regions of Georgia, except for Tbilisi.

Compared to the previous year, the company's income has increased by GEL 337 million.

According to the financial report, the Group's income is distributed as follows:

• Non-household subscribers' service - GEL 307 million;
• Household subscribers' service - GEL 139 million;
• Universal service supplier - GEL 233 million;
• Public service supplier - GEL 211 million;
• Electricity distribution - GEL 33 million;
• Sale of guaranteed capacity - GEL 14 million;
• Sale of produced electricity - GEL 64 million;

The financial report of "Energo-Pro" talks about the sharp increase in electricity consumption in the Mestia region, which causes financial losses for the company, because the population of the municipality does not pay for electricity. In addition, the increased consumption causes overloading of the company's power transmission network in the region, its damage and periodic outages.