05.Jan .2021 16:45

Enguri HPP to be Shut Down from January 20

Enguri HPP to be Shut Down from January 20
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Enguri HPP will be shut down from January 20. Levan Mebonia, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Engurhesi Ltd, told BM.GE. According to him, the rehabilitation process will be completed in three months late in April.

The matter concerns the delayed rehabilitation of the diversion tunnel of the largest hydroelectric power plant in Georgia in 2018-2019. The length of the tunnel is 15.5 kilometers and the diameter is 9.5 meters. During the repair works, the tunnel will dry up, which means that all five units of the Enguri HPP will be completely shut down.

During this time, the Georgian energy sector will lose about 300 million / kWh of electricity.