01.Mar .2022 11:49

Enterprise Georgia To launch A Large-Scale Campaign - #ProduceforUkraine

Enterprise Georgia To launch A Large-Scale Campaign - #ProduceforUkraine
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To express solidarity to the Ukrainian people, with the initiative of the Government of Georgia, Enterprise Georgia alongside with Georgian companies is launching a large-scale campaign - #ProduceforUkraine.

"The agency will organize the transfer of products from Georgian companies to be delivered to the Ukrainian people.

The beneficiaries of the agency have already joined the campaign and we welcome all Georgian companies to become part of the initiative. We would appreciate the provision of the following products: https://bit.ly/3HGv3tL

If you wish to get involved in the campaign to support the Ukrainian people, please register at the following link - https://bit.ly/3hnb8oL

If you have any further questions, please contact us at 1525", - according to the statement published by Enterprise Georgia.