02.Jun .2021 14:30

Entertainment Centres For Kids To Get Subsidy Of 500 GEL

Entertainment Centres For Kids To Get Subsidy Of 500 GEL
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Tbilisi City Hall will help the Entertainment Centres for Kids to ease the damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Kakha Kaladze stated about it today.

According to the Tbilisi Mayor, about 70 objects will receive assistance within the framework of the program, and a subsidy of over 350,000 GEL will be issued.

According to him, applications should be submitted from June 2 to 10.

"In this difficult situation, when the pandemic is raging in the country, support is very important. The sector is most affected. You know, we have set aside special funds for restaurants and cafes to make them more prepared to meet the tourist season. As for the children’s entertainment centers, they were closed the earliest and continued to operate the latest. We want to give them a subsidy of 5000 GEL. The subsidy will be given to all those objects, registered before November 28, 2020 and have not been liquidated to date.

In order to participate in the program and receive financial assistance, the representatives of the organizations must submit an application to Tbilisi City Hall, taking into account the details provided on the website of the Tbilisi City Hall,” said Kakha Kaladze.