06.Apr .2020 18:57

"Entrepreneurs be ready", - The Ministry Starts Checking Business

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About 50 different factories and businesses will undergo inspections in Georgia to check whether they are properly implementing the recommendations as regards the health and safety of employees amid the coronavirus outbreak, announces the Economy Minister of Georgia Natia Turnava.

The government of Georgia suspended several economic activities in the country several days ago when it announced a state of emergency and a nationwide curfew that aims to contain the spread of COVID-19 in Georgia.

In order for businesses to be allowed to continue their activities they need to meet the safety standards set by the Ministry of Health of Georgia.

“Starting today we are inspecting factories that have been given the right to operate. We will start inspecting large factories to make sure that all the rules are followed and their activities are safe. The purpose of this inspection is not to punish anyone, but to introduce a new culture", said Turnava.

Turnava said that at the same time businesses that had been temporarily suspended will also be inspected "in order to give them the opportunity to meet the new standards and continue to operate".

"This is an investment that will not be lost as it will become the rule of life in the future, so get ready and use this time to successfully go through the inspection process", Turnava said to businesses.