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TOP-10 Exporting/Importing Companies From Georgia To The EU

TOP-10 Exporting/Importing Companies From Georgia To The EU
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In 10M2022, commodities USD 715 million worth were exported from Georgia to the EU, which was 32% more than the previous year. According to the Geostat report, this is the highest indicator of Georgian exports to the EU. As a result, in 10M2022, the share of EU countries in Georgia's exports was up to 16%.

According to recent data, exports to the EU varied as follows: 2017 - USD 528 million, 2018 - USD 584 million; 2019 - USD 651 million; 2020 - USD 557 million; 2021 - USD 539 million; 2022 - USD 715 million.

In monetary terms, the first place in this year's exports was occupied by copper ores and concentrates, which amounted to USD 363 million. Compared to the previous year, this amount increased by 67%. However, it is important to note that most of the exports of these goods were actually re-exports.

The second place was occupied by nuts, which exports had increased by 28% compared to the previous year.

According to Geostat, the exports of clothes made in Georgia increased to the EU at the highest rate - by 645%, reaching USD 15 million.

TOP-10 Largest Exporting Companies In the EU countries:

IDS Borjomi Georgia, Georgian branch of IDS Borjomi Beverages Company LLC;
JSC RMG Copper;
JSC Rustavi Azot;
LLC Caucasian Metals Terminal ;
LLC Agrigeorgia;
LLC Atlantic Georgia;
LLC K and Georgian Spirit;
LLC Chiaturmanganum Georgia;
LLC Georgian Product;
LLC Handler Corporation;

As for imports, in ten months of this year, Georgia bought $2.4 billion worth of goods in EU countries.

Imports from the EU changed as follows by years (10 months): 2017 - USD 1.73 billion, 2018 - USD 2 billion; 2019 - USD 1.88 billion; 2020 - USD 1.5 billion; 2021 - USD 1.84 billion; 2022 - USD 2.4 billion.

The largest TOP-10 importing company in EU countries:

JSC Gepha;
JSC Wisol Petroleum Georgia;
JSC Coca-Cola Bottlers Georgia;
Aversi-Pharma LLC;
Ltd Alta;
LLC Lukoil-Georgia;
LLC PSP Pharma;
LLC Rompetrol Georgia;
LLC G Trade Ltd.