16.Apr .2022 16:00

Estonian PM: If women were in charge there would be less violence

Estonian PM: If women were in charge there would be less violence
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There would be less violence if more women were leaders, Prime Minister Kaja Kallas (Reform) told a UK newspaper in an interview published on Saturday.

Asked by The Times about her "feminist principles", she said they have been shaped by reading "The Better Angels of Our Nature", a book by the Canadian psychologist Steven Pinker.

"There is one chapter there about if there are female leaders, there is less violence. I absolutely agree."

Considering whether the war in Ukraine would have happened if a woman was president of Russia, she told The Times: "When I see the pictures from Ukraine, when I'm making the decisions to give them more help, I'm constantly thinking how sad it is that all the military equipment that is destroyed is not going to profit any economy or the wellbeing of any people. Maybe it's very sexist, but I'm still going to say it: if you have given birth to human life, taking away the life of another mother's child is just so cruel."

Kallas is one of five female leaders in the Nordic-Baltic region alongside the prime ministers of Lithuania, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

The paper also reported Estonia's military is "working towards" February 24, 2024 — two years exactly after Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine — "When it believes Russia will be capable once again of launching an attack on a close neighbor", ERR News reports.