19.Jun .2021 00:00

EU in Armenia Calls All Parties to Contribute to a Peaceful Election Day

EU in Armenia Calls All Parties to Contribute to a Peaceful Election Day
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On Sunday, 20 June, voters in Armenia will go to the polls to elect new members of the National Assembly. Ahead of these elections, on 17 June, EU Ambassador Andrea Wiktorin gathered representatives of UNDP Armenia, OxYGen Armenia and two domestic observer groups, Akanates and Independent Observers, to mark important EU contributions to consolidate democratic election processes in Armenia.
These organisations are key recipients of EU electoral funding. They provide technical electoral assistance and support citizens’ access to information and participation respectively.
It is time to come together and overcome the crisis in a spirit of reconciliation and solidarity. All generations of Armenians deserve to enjoy a better future in peace and stability. We hope Armenia will be governed in a spirit of collaboration, responsibility and mutual respect,” Ambassador Wiktorin said. “I call upon all electoral stakeholders, their supporters and those who use the mass media and social media to increase efforts to contribute to making 20th June a day in which democracy wins, for the future of Armenian children.” 
Over recent years, the EU has stepped up its investment in democratisation and electoral reform. The EU has been the leading donor for election support in Armenia since 2016, and will continue to be the primary partner of Armenia in the coming elections, with close to €1 million in organisational and monitoring support made available.